About Us


We are one of the largest, fully-integrated financial services group in America and Europe. We are ready to partner withyou in your quest to grow your wealth and financial independence. We got our start many years ago, but we’ve been serving customers in the Northeast, Europe and United States. It’s our mission to help you prosper. So we treat you and your money the way we all want to be treated—with respect. How do we do it? With simple ways to spend, save, and manage your money better. From teaching your high schooler how to set up and use a checking account to helping you buy your first home, we’ll be there, right by your side. Because, we believe respecting you and your money is the first step on the journey to prosperity.

Mission & Vision

Our Vision is to be the clients’ best choice through offering an integrated and distinctive bundle of banking services. Our mission is to provide advanced and creative banking products and services for all our clients, both locally and internationally, through a successful team and using advanced programs, techniques and tools that keep up with the advancements in today’s world, in an effort to fulfill the aspirations of our clients, shareholders and employees,  and to reflect our values of social responsibility.

Why choose United Online Sovereign Bank?

When it comes to your business, having the right banking partner can make a world of difference. Our broad array of products and services, backed by a team of Business Banking specialists, can help you move your business forward.