Certificates of Deposit

What is a certificate of deposit?

An easy way to save and grow your money, a certificate of deposit (CD) is an FDIC insured promissory note that has a fixed interest rate and fixed date of withdrawal, commonly known as the maturity date. Because you agree to invest your money for the entire term, certificates of deposit generally offer higher interest rates than savings or money market savings accounts. Tailor your CD timeframe. Enjoy competitive rates. Save for big events.

How do you choose a CD account?

Pick the CD term you want and the interest rate is guaranteed for the entire period.

  • A wide variety of terms are available.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of having your interest go back into your CD account, or transferring it to your checking, savings, or money market savings account if you need it.

Penalties will apply if you withdraw the money before the end of the CD term.


Bank where, when, and how you want.

There’s no minimum balance, and you can waive the $10 Monthly Fee with one transaction—a deposit, withdrawal, transfer, or payment—per calendar month.

  • Check balances and make transactions with our highly rated online banking
  • Access thousands of United Online Sovereign ATMs, including in many CVS Pharmacy locations.